Saturday, February 23, 2008

Really? Genius!

I'm watching Sky News and they're discussing prostitution. One of the participants just said, "In New Zealand the repealed all the laws outlawing selling sex but did not repeal laws outlawing sexual assault."

Brilliant! That's what those of us who would decriminalise prostitution have been getting wrong all these years; we figured that we'd have to legalise rape too as part of the deal.

That aside, she was the only one who made sense, the rest of the discussion was depressing. One of the men defended the status quo by arguing that normal people are attached to the idea that sex is about love and legalising prostitution undermines that. He did not suggest that government should take steps to stop sex in loveless marriages. I wonder if he knows what all those crazy kids get up to after one of those spirited bouts of binge drinking.


Gorilla Bananas said...

You can't expect females to give you everything for free. I always have to bribe mine with nuts and berries.

sid said...

Wait. What? Did not repeal laws outlawing sexual assault? Surely that should go without saying right? I mean most people argue for the decriminalisation of prostitution BECAUSE they think that this will ensure the protection of prostitutes against sexual assault. Or have I been getting this all wrong?

stuart said...

no, you're right!

thats why I thought i was so funny, she was making such a big point of saying that violence against prostitutes was still illegal in new zealand. it REALLY should go without saying.