Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tyler Cowen and his bloody movie reviews

Most of all this is a movie about how the young'uns have no tools for moral discourse and that all they can do is utter banalities and take endless pictures of each other and record their lives for no apparent purpose. I can't recall any other movie that so completely devastates its intended demographic.

Actually, I agree that this is what the movie is going for, but it doesn't mean they do it well. If someone stops you on the street and offers a detailed critique of your appearance and other personal defects you have not thereby been devastated, you've just been ranted at by a crazy person. I don't know any thirty year old Tokyo based multinational corporation vice presidents, but I'm sure they're not morons; arrogant, self involved, whatever, but not morons.

(The movie is Cloverfield by the way.)

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Tracy said...

I would never trust Tyler Cowen's movie reviews. He's from another planet in that respect!