Monday, February 11, 2008

What did I miss?

I'm a little stunned by Barack Obama's under explained surge, what the hell has actually happened that he's 30% more likely to become president in the past 3 days? I prefer Obama to Clinton, but I was a little sad to see the trend because it means that McCain's odds are falling as Obama's rise, but it does mean that America will have a cool president who's nice to immigrants in a year's time and that's a good thing.

I find it difficult not to translate 47% chance of Obama win into, "only a freak yachting accident can stop him now!" but he also has a 53% chance of not becoming president.


GT said...

Jeb Bush has endorsed McCain. Indicates that the two George Bushes may do so soon.

Surely McCain would rather they didn't???

Stuart said...

I don't know. you think the very name carries negative vibes?

GHW Bush would be pretty good I'd say, my impression is that a lot of "proper" conservatives have fondish memories and he's not hardcore enough to be offputting. GW I'm not so sure about. though McCain was trying to cosy up to him well after repulicans started hating him. I wonder if he regrets that now...