Friday, February 22, 2008

What’s worse?

Doing nothing to educate your citizens and then leaving them to go about their business, or educating them and then actively stopping them from putting it to effective use? High literacy is a pro, but it should throw an even starker spotlight on Cuba's cons.

I don't get how Castro supporters can laud Cuban education and in the same breath lament the fact Cuban nuclear physicists can barely feed themselves without wondering exactly why this state should persist. Of course the reason why they're eating one meal a day is because Russia stopped giving Cuba $800 dollars per person per year, it has nothing to do with Castro.

Some countries have figured out how to feed themselves without massive freebies.


Trevor Black said...

I have just started reading `Confessions of an Economic Hitman'.

I was quite excited about it, and that is why I started it before finishing what I am currently reading (I got a nice present to myself from Amazon).

I have only read 10 pages or so and am already disappointed...

It seems doomed to fall into the category of I am reading this because I should read things I disagree with or dislike... like `The Secret'.

But I will finish the books, and no doubt pick up some valuable lessons from them.

The reason I put this comment here is that it is an attack on American Capitalism to an extent.

I hear your concern about the excessive praise of Castro... but he has also got a fair amount of criticism? True?

Stuart said...

Aaaahh! but has he gotten enough?

It's just an example of stuff I simply cannot fathom. Why do people like michael moore, noam chomsky and fidel castro. smart informed people, what the fuck is wrong with them (or is there really something wrong with me?)

sid said...

You don't like noam chomsky? i get why you don't like castro but noam ...?

Stuart said...

oopsie. I shouldn't assume people reading share my priors.

I should say that I think there are few people in the world who are smarter, and that he was one of the great scientists of the 20th century. BUT!

when it comes to politics. Noam is extremely dishonest in how he uses source material to support his claims.

but just generally, his views are so extreme that they should be treated with extreme scepticism.

I also don't like him personally, his lifestyle is in huge tension with his stated views.

I really think he is a bad, bad man.

why do you like him?

sid said...

Well I don't really have much of an opinion on Noam. I've read one of his books 9/11 and what he said seems to have make sense (to me at least). But now that you have mentioned his lifestyle I think I'll do some research on him ... Can't make a judgement without all the relevant fact, right?

stuart said...

which book did you read? I also read one of his recent books and didn't like it.

lots of people love noam, so you shouldn't take my word for anything.

sid said...

The book is called 9/11. Its just a bunch of interviews of Noams opinions basically.

mutt said...

not the one I read. but I think I can imagine what its like. He is WAY to extreme for me.

I can point you to a few essays that crit him if you like.

sid said...
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sid said...

Yes please. I love reading alternative views.

mutt said...


and here

are good places to start. the second link has an article defending chomsky too.