Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I may not know much about art but I knows what I likes

I loved the movie version of No Country for Old Men and uncharacteristically went out and bought the book, which I'm also enjoying. McCarthy is supposedly a great writer, but I'm no critic, I just like what I like. I did pause when I came across this bit though

Chigurh shot him through the forehead and then stood watching. Watching the capillaries break up in his eyes. The light receding. Watching his own image degrade in that squandered world.

I'm not sure the "squandered" works here (it'd be perfect if it didn't come across as a bit of pointless moralizing), but I really liked this. About an hour later though I was reading a respected reviewer who says

There is one hokey moment when a violent assassin named Anton Chigurh stands over a Mexican drug dealer and shoots him, "watching his own image degrade in that squandered world," and the reader anticipates a rising paragraph of ornate plaint.

Great of all the fucking sentences to choose, I choose the one hokey one.

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