Friday, March 14, 2008

Some good MR posts

On the legalisation of prostitution. I tend towards the more extreme libertarian position, which is also being blogged a lot (you want links?), but it is a good post.

Much more fun is Tyler's post on interstellar trade.

As you approach the speed of light you move into the future relative to more stationary observers. So can you not leave a penny in a savings account, take a very rapid spaceflight, and come back to earth "many years later" as a billionaire? Hardly any time has passed for you.

Sooo, what happens if everyone does this?

Added: Will Wilkinson is reliably smart. Kerry Howley and Megan McArdle are both smart and both women.


Greg Torr said...

Put up links to Will Wilkinson's prostitution posts. I thought those were good.

Trevor Black said...

I am still not convinced by time manipulation arguments... If time travel was possible, I think unless you buy the `multiple parallel universes' argument, there are too many inconsistencies in most other theories much like this one.

It is like trying to talk about a consistent `upside down' land where everything is the opposite. Quite simply, it is just not possible for everything to be the opposite.

As for the prostitution links... it is quite amazing how the blogosphere moves in waves, and suddenly everyone is writing about it.

Well, not that amazing, since most of the blogs I read, I found through links on the blogs I was already reading.

Greg, do you have a blog? I always found you more interesting than your brother.

mutt said...

Ouch. Wow. Ouch

Trevor Black said...

Trying to avoid looking like a complete tosser, I refer you to Stu's `Friendly Fire' on one of my posts...

So, the chirps go both ways.

However in chatting to Stu about how boring and uninteresting he is on the phone, he made it very clear to me that my opinion matters to him about as much as his matters to me.

He also pointed out that if I tried to not look like a tosser, I would be being dishonest.

I would say we kissed and made up, but with all the talk of prostitution I am going to refrain from doing that.

Stu... you rock.

Stuart said...

You trying to make me vomit again?

Trevor Black said...

Did I succeed?