Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some valuable armchair advice.

Or some pointless pleading. Whatever.

Roger, dude, if you're going to start losing every game you play, at least do it like a man instead of scurrying around the baseline like a terrified rabbit. Much better to dump the ball in the net on your own terms.


Trevor Black said...

I take it you heard he was/is sick and has been since December.

Only got diagnosed late, was off for 10 days and started training 5 days before this tourney.

Anyway... he reckons he wouldn't have even been allowed to play the Ausi Open if it had been daignosed earlier... which would have ended his semi-final run.

I hope this is the reason, and he can start playing some proper tennis again now!

Trevor Black said...
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Trevor Black said...
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Stuart said...

I read an article saying that he was much sicker than he had let on. And now he's saying that it had a bigger impact on his performance that he thought it would.

I have no idea how much weight to place on this though.

Trevor Black said...

He has always been fairly candid. Plus if he gets better and doesn't start winning, he will look like a bit of a chop.

He doesn't normally make false excuses. But then again, he doesn't normally lose.

I guess only time will tell.