Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Two common gripes

about this postmodern world we live in are

  • It allows us to stay like children way longer than we used to, and many of us are taking full advantage.
  • Life is too complicated. Cell phones, facebook and those fucking DVD players that require advanced degrees to program (fat lot of good my honours degree has done me though).

Maybe these gripes come from two different groups of people, but this does not match my experience.

It's true that our wealth enables us to delay doing lots of grown up things, but these gripes are in tension. Modern life can seem overwhelming, so we need to be active in taking responsibility for our own lives, and choosing wisely between the zillion options available to us. We need to bend technology to our will, not the other way round which some people feel has happened.

There's a common saying that you need to push someone into a corner to see what he's "really" like; will he fight or give in? But either of these choices isn't especially surprising, we'd all choose one. The choices that you make when the world is at your feet are much more revealing. Hiring someone to take out a rival says a lot more about you than slitting the throat of your kidnapper.

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