Monday, March 24, 2008

What I do get, and what I don’t

I get the animosity directed at Manchester United staff and fans, for they are all both evil and ugly (Arsenal supporters on the other hand are attractive and witty).

What I don't get is an average Chinese citizen thinking it's reasonable to use force against Tibet because they want independence. I actually don't even really understand why the Chinese government cares, I mean other than preserving the scope of their own power which is surely not the reason they want me to believe. Of course this willingness to sanction violence to prevent complete strangers from doing what they want is very common, so my bafflement says more about my stupidity than anything else.

Am I wrong to think that the reason why the Chinese government wants to throw such a lavish games is to improve their image to the rest of us? They want us to see a fancy, modern China. But if it is a PR exercise why don't they care about seeming nice over Tibet? And aren't they incredibly vulnerable to the Olympic athletes, who are just average PC people? What's to stop all the athletes shaving their heads in solidarity with the monks? Wouldn't that be very embarrassing? And why the hell wouldn't people wannna send a cost free "fuck you" to the Chinese government. I'm sure wiser heads can set me straight, but I don't get it.

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