Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dear reader. Whatever shall I do?

Given this weekend's sporting results (piled upon other recent results), should I
  • Give up following sport?
  • Accept all the non-judgemental solace that only alcohol can provide?
  • Just end it all right now?

Your wisdom is required.


Stacy said...

Here is some advice from a true Minnesota Vikings fan....go for option 2, drink yourself silly in your own self loathing wondering why you can't like a team that ALWAYS wins (like the hated Patriots, for example) and wait for next season. Chances are, they'll be better next year...and if they're not, repeat step 2.

mutt said...

Thanks for the advice. Though I I'm pretty negative on any of my teams future prospects...

Option number 2 is definitely the most practical.

Trev said...

Wallow in it, be bitter, twisted and morose. Whine... get drunk and whine some more.

Be as irrational as possible. Sulk. Scream. Hit (inanimate) things. Throw (inanimate) things at (inanimate) things.

But don't do number 1 or number 3.

The only reason we get to enjoy victories is because we have sunk to the depths we have when we lose.

In all other areas of our lives we are logical, rational, level headed truth seekers...

Sport is our spice.


Start following Cricket and Rugby like a good South African Should.

An innings and 90 runs.
Adelaide Sevens.

mutt said...

"Start following Cricket and Rugby like a good South African Should."

That sounds unlikely.

Are we going to start pretending that we are the best 7's side?