Monday, April 07, 2008

Fooled by Randomness in 197 words

If ten thousand people sit around flipping coins all day and somebody gets a streak of 15 in a row do you conclude that she's a really skilled coin tosser? Huh?! Do you???

Now let me explain the withering contempt I feel for you and rest of my fellow human beings. If you start speaking and I even suspect that your utterance will not be dripping with sycophantic hysteria I will sigh very loudly before squashing you like a bug.

People are obsessed with status because they are stupid, coarse and greedy and they don't realise that their status depends on luck. These people disgust me and I do not seek such status. Did I mention that I own 4000 books? That I spend my life reading poetry and classics which I actually understand? That I jet all over the world all the time? That my expertise in economics and philosophy far exceeds that of anybody currently alive? There are a few figures in history that have been perceptive, but I have either been the person to discover their pearls of wisdom or the first person to actually appreciate their insight.


Trevor Black said...

you lost me here

Stuart said...

I think the book (Fooled by randomness) could have been written more concisely. My version has fewer words than the book has pages.

Trevor Black said...

aaaahh... the penny drops.

ithinkyoureamazing said...


That's NNT to a T.