Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I have the right to your opinion

This article argues that we don't have the right to our opinion. The argument turns on the fact that rights imply duties on other people. Trevor turns it around by saying that we have a duty to have opinions, not that we have a right to them.

So, does this mean that I have the right to your opinion?


Trevor Black said...

I thought about it more, and have another problem.

Some things unlike the example sited in the paper you link to are simply a matter of opinion.

In his example, Bush did have a motivation for going to war. Bush knows what it is, so yes, presumably there is a `truth' and you don't really have a right to an opinion that differs from the truth.

But, there are other things that are just that... opinions. There is no universal truth.

A: I think Red is the best colour.
B: I think you are wrong.
A: I am entitled to my opinion.

If you accept that we do have the duty to have an opinion, that would imply like you say that someone would have to have the right to that opinion, it doesn't imply everyone would have the right to that opinion.

mutt said...

I disagree. You liking the colour red isn't a matter of opinion, it's simply true that you like the colour red.