Saturday, April 05, 2008

One more post

on No Country for Old Men. Given that both the book and the movie emphasise so many of the practical details of Moss's escape attempt and that Moss is clearly an innovative guy who clearly does not expect reality always to come down on his side if he takes a chance (cleaning and blowing on the gun before he shoots the dog), it isn't really explicable that Moss neglects to do the one thing that would guarantee his safety (conditional on him not screwing up later). Especially given Chigurh's sinister coin tossing.

Fill up the car, whip out a coin with heads as left and tails as right. You're odds of being found decrease in a smooth, exponential curve and quickly approach zero (it's actually a step function, but you know what I mean).

Added: I should also point out that McCarthy backs away from the suggestion that things are getting worse; things have always been like this. But I don't think it's clear if he's talking about the way life is on the street (which is getting better), or the fact that we all continue to die in the end, and it always sucks. I agree with one interpretation.


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