Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Seriously though

Was I a little mean about Nassim Taleb? A touch? I expect that a detailed and devastating refutation of my post will appear on his site any day now. At least this time when he explains that he doesn't respect my intelligence he'll have good reason not too.

I haven't finished the book. I enjoyed the first half but now my progress has slowed to a crawl. I basically agree with all the substantive stuff he has to say and I share his irritation at "experts" concocting elaborate after the fact stories to explain events (I think more about sport, since I know nothing about trading). So my mockery is probably a not so subtle way of trying to claim some insight brownie points for myself.

Soooo... If I agree to bow down and worship at the alter of his insight (which we could surely all benefit from) can I say that it's ironic that it takes a person of such supreme arrogance and lack of self-awareness to convince a wide audience to be sceptical of claims to supreme genius made by so many other authorities?

I actually take it as an argument of the importance of the delusions he decries.

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