Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mmmmm, kidneys

Despite all my handwringing about how I'm less likely to be right about stuff than I'd like, I remain utterly convinced that allowing people to sell their kidneys would make the world a much better place.

Yes, gut instinct may say this is a bad idea and generally when someone tries to remove organs from your body you'd be wise to try stop him, but again things have changed. There's never been a better time to allow a stranger to rummage around inside you!

And yes, I'll be first in line to whip mine out if it does become legal. If the price is right, I'll even let you have the pretty one.


Stacy said...

Hmmm...I really would like to hear more about exactly why you take the legalization of the selling your kidneys as something that would be beneficial to humankind, besides the fact that there are a lot people who need kidneys and a lot of people who need money. I think I can guess that your argument falls somewhere in line with your argument about why prostitution should be legalized...that is, it would be safer for the women and would become a legitimate business whereby they would earn more and have better protection from the law. Although after a lengthy conversation about just WHY I think you're wrong and idealistic about prostitution, I think similarily for the selling of kidneys. Do you think the selling of organs on the black market would cease? I think a hospital would be more than happy for you to just donate one of your precious kidneys, but why must you make it a profitable business decision? I doubt you could convince me that this is a agood idea, though I don't think your reasoning is wrong based on what I've heard from you before. I simply must hear more about this...

Stuart said...

Ugh, just lost my response. So a shorter one.

"besides the fact that there are a lot people who need kidneys and a lot of people who need money."

Isn't this enough? there are 90,000people on the list waiting in the US alone, MANY people would be helped in this way.

People wouldn't suffer on dialysis for years. Their lifespans would increase because they'd get better quality kidneys. HUGE amounts of money would be saved because dialysis in massively expensive and these people would change back to being productive and tax payers instead of lying sick and using other people's money.

But I'm a dogmatic libertarian. If you own your kidney, you can sell it.

Tracy said...

In a way I agree with Stuart. Many people need organ transplants and perhaps aren't getting them because for most of us giving it up is an awful prospect. We're just not kind enough to do it. For me, I don't want to give up my 2nd kidney because perhaps that kidney will come in handy to me one day. (And I hate hospitals and operations.) So to give it up, besides kindness, I'd need some really strong incentive. I doubt I'd do it for money though (unless desperate), but others might.

Stuart said...

I disagree, though you highlight some reasons why people don't donate more.

Donating a kidney isn't actually such a big deal. it's not especially risky (basically the risk of the anesthetic and open cut, which is common pretty standard stuff). Also the "extra" kidney doesn't act as a spare, they fail together. It's only a spare if one is physically destroyed in an accident or something.

It sucks that it'll hurt later, and I guess, hospitals suck too.

I hope I find my way around to doing it someday.

sid said...

Think you might have a point. Some people need kidneys and others need money. If it were legal there'd be less trafficking of human lives and ppl would sort of institute a minimum wage for kidneys.