Monday, May 19, 2008

My primitive apelike brain doesn’t understand

Why was all the tennis from earlier in the tournament shown live, but the final not? A Federer, Nadal final too.


Speaking of morons: Roger, what's your problem buddy? I take back that bit of advice I gave two years ago, forget the gym. You could play like you did earlier in the week, using drop shots and other nifty tricks to keep Nadal on his toes. Or you could issue epileptic thrashes at the ball, trot off in Nadal's direction and wistfully look at the ball on it's way past, whatever.

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Trevor Black said...

advantage of being a philistine, I didn't know it wasn't live, and only caught the last set.

There was a bit of bounce of the ball stuff involved... but Nadal did play a bit better.

But Federer was close enough to give me hope for France.