Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is pathetic

Whenever I'm overcome by the feeling that if only Federer would listen to my advice everything would be ok, I make a conscious effort to remind myself that he knows more about tennis than I do. He's not just a professional (which should be enough), he's one of the most talented and accomplished people in this regard ever to have walked the earth.

When some big shot screws up strategically (not personally), I consciously try to remind myself that, not only would I not have done better, I would have done worse.

The same rules should apply to Chelsea. It's a multi-million pound business with incredibly talented people making decisions, but I'm still confident in my conclusion that they're being pathetic by firing Avram Grant, well assuming they would have kept him if they'd won the champions league, which they probably would have done John Terry not slipped. Perhaps Terry slipping reflects badly on Grant's coaching ability, but I have my doubts.

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sid said...

I actually watched the some of the soccer finals. Was a really good match.