Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More movie complaints (spoiler alert!)

This obviously should have gone with the post below, but HAL 9000 is also overly obsessed with never making a mistake. What exactly counts as a mistake is never really discussed. I suppose most pocket calculators go through their lives never making a mistake, but I suspect that this isn't the kind of accuracy they have in mind, but then that standard should apply at all.

Having said this, the movie is still totally awesome and I'd say the best cautionary tale about AIs that I've seen (though I have many nice things to say about Agent Smith too).

The Incredible Hulk is also very cool. But the ending is breathtakingly stupid. Why is nobody concerned about The Abomination lying on the floor? He's just catching his breath for God's sake! He'll kill all of you in a minute! And this time The Hulk will be half way to Venezuela.

And why is The Abomination still intelligent and recognizably the same personality despite being a giant lizard, while The Hulk is a total moron despite being far more human?

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