Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My sporting year hangs in the balance

Rafa is kicking ass, Novak has just got to his 5th straight semi and Roger is looking at a very dangerous quarterfinal match.

Federer still looks great a lot of the time but his tendency to blow 30 break points and then get broken at the first opportunity is both baffling and alarming. I actually quite like the fact that the top 3 are in a genuine tussle for supremacy, but I'd be much happier if Roger would just straighten his break point % out (on both ends).

Then if Novak is still better, bully for him. I'll be ready with my, "Why Federer is the GOAT" arguments anyway...

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Trev said...

I am feeling good about my R200.

5th straight semi, bah, come speak to me when you have the right to shine Roger's shoes you wee scoundrel.

tough quarter... bah....

Watching Roger is like watching an exhibition of trick tennis

I can feel it!

Go Roger you good thing!