Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank the gods! Ronaldo really IS an idiot!

This past sporting year, on top of all the misery, I've undergone the rather alarming process of liking Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo more, or rather, disliking them less.

Ferguson is obviously a great coach, and one difficult thing he seems to have mastered is the taming of destructive spoilt brats (and being able to dispose of the ones he can't), which is surely something we all benefit from. He also seems to have largely given up making ridiculous postgame comments, which actually makes what he has to say interesting.

Rooney is one of the tamed spoilt brats. He's able to control himself on the field, he seems like he's actually interested in maximising the odds of the team scoring rather than just himself and he's taken his Ronaldo induced hero demotion very well.

Ronaldo deserves all the credit heaped on him, because he's incredibly good. Given the kind of drive he obviously has, it's pretty cool that he doesn't seem to take himself and everything he does too seriously. He doesn't have the unpleasant steely edge that Armstrong, Tiger and Schumacher seem to have (Federer too?). Ronaldo also seems to have been able to stay pretty team oriented.

But! His desire to move to Real is totally mad! His success at Manchester doesn't guarantee his happiness there, but he does seem happy. The most difficult coach in the world to please adores him, it's clearly the best team in the world and he has the unconditional worship of the largest fan base in the world. I'd put the odds of the move enhancing his status at well under 10%

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