Monday, June 23, 2008

Tyler and Will

Have their very own blogging heads! Yay! It's really interesting. I think you should listen to it. Yes you.

Robin Hanson quotes a great big chunk of it which includes this bit

My most absurd belief, perhaps, is the extent to which I think people should be truly uncertain about almost all of their beliefs.  And it doesn't sound absurd when you say it but I don't on the other hand know anyone who agrees with it. ... Take whatever your political beliefs happen to be.  Obviously the view you hold you think is most likely to be true, but I think you should give that something like 60-40, whereas in reality most people will give it 95 to 5 or 99 to 1 in terms of probability that it is correct.

This is why people have blogs! That's what I've been saying! Yay me! So if Tyler's right that few other people think that I'm in pretty select company here. That's right! Tyler and me are this [makes fingers crossed gesture].

I don't really claim that I'm like that in practice (though blogging on that particular issue is part of my "practice") but I had a pretty weird little moment of realisation while listening to this section; I'd like to say "epiphany" but that wasn't it (I hope you understand what I mean now). Tyler says

I've asked atheists what's the chance you're wrong and they'll say something like a trillion to one, and that to me is absurd...

As he said this I was like, "phift! Idiots!" till I realised that this actually used to be my position, and I don't remember changing... Kinda like the mental equivalent of thinking there's another stair and doing that amusing undignified bit of correction when your foot doesn't find anything solid.

It was quite fun.

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