Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wild speculation

This is a sensitive topic, so please keep the heading in mind.

One (possibly obvious) claim by my new heroes of the infamous podcast is that historically power (in the violent sense) and wealth have gone together. So, if for whatever reason some people have a lot of money, they'll either buy protection for them and their stuff or some nice people will come along and take it, so any imbalance will sort itself out pretty quickly. The only societies that are pretty much free from this pattern are rich western ones.

If we go along with this, historic attitudes towards Jews make a lot more sense to me. Jews tended to be politically powerless minorities embedded in a larger culture and they tended to be pretty rich so it was to be expected that people would use violence to take their stuff and that this should be true in different places at different times. But it also would make sense, that given their wealth and cultural and political otherness that they'd try to do deals behind the scenes with powerful people in the search of protection. So maybe this has something to do with the wild conspiracy theories about how the Jews control the world, or at least the media. Any influence they had could largely have been behind the scenes with nice juicy bribes which leaders would be inclined to deny they had received.

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