Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Knight Prediction and Stuart’s Action Movie Golden Rule

Ooh boy I'm looking forward to the new Batman. I notice that it's very long so let me offer a prediction. The last half hour will be loud, tiring and worse than the rest of the movie.

My golden rule for action movies is that all the good stuff is in the first half. It doesn't always work, as with Spiderman 2, Bourne Supremacy and X-Men 2, but even though the other movies in these series are good, they also obey my golden rule.

You think there's anything to it?


Tracy said...

I think your generalization is true for action/adventure movies 85% of the time. Do you think I've assigned the correct odds?

stuart said...

That sounds about right to me. Be sure to adjust your odds accordingly after you've seen the movie!

I'll be you would disagree with much of what I've said in me Wall-E post?

Tracy said...

Nope, I don't disagree. It doesn't make perfect sense. Of course they would notice the garbage before it got so bad. And with the advanced technology that they had they should be able to clean it up pretty easily.

But I don't think the message was inappropriate. We are creating tons of garbage that for now is out of sight for most of us encouraging us to be wasteful. Waste disposal is a real problem in many countries.

Besides that, I think they're just using contemporary issues to make a cool fantasy story. Doesn't have to be realistic. But I know you loved it anyway :)