Wednesday, July 16, 2008

random tennis stuff

I’ve been really surprised by how much people have been talking bout the final. The teachers were raving about it in the staffroom at school the other day. People have been talking about it on the radio. Apparently the ratings were sky high. Almost as many people watched the match as the Chelsea Man U Champions League final. Crazy. Though it’s a pity that the match that everyone will remember is Federer losing...

It’s not like it hasn’t been mentioned, but it was really dark. I’m not sure why people don’t make a bigger deal about this. I get that it’s the same for both players, I don’t mean this in a, “Fed was robbed” way. The fact of that they were both affected the same (presumably) isn’t the point, when it’s that dark play is usually stopped, there are rules.

Of course I do think a delay would have helped Federer because he was tiring, though superior stamina is a reasonable quality to determine a winner... I thought that several calls should have been challenged towards the end; it’s possible they weren’t simply cos both players couldn’t see well.

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BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA UR A HOMO wow = frostmourne, shadowflash :)