Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have been doing a terrible job of keeping up with current events recently, during the Olympics too! So here's some now.

All hail Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt!! (the links are very random if you were tempted by them, there are rather a lot of articles about these guys out there) I only saw one race live :( but even reading the race reports has been exciting, and I don't even care about swimming and had pretty much lost interest in athletics.

Breaking the 200m world record is surely the most amazing of all, I was shocked (and a little) sad to see the record go. It's probably the most impressive record set since Bob Beamon's long jump, and long jump seems to be much more about luck than the 200m, so I'd say it was more significant. I think Johnson's run counts as the more amazing feat, the record that he tore to shreds was the longest standing record at the time, and Bolt just pipped it.

Of course I enjoy pondering the relative merits of the two athletes. I think it's too close to call, though personally I go for the highest peaks over things like consistency or competing in many events and Bolt surely has this. Can't fault Phelps for much though can you? I'd also guess Bolt is more likely to be doping.

I suppose we should all hail Rafel Nadal too... Fine, go ahead, do it, hail him. Federer's lame performance since Wimbledon notwithstanding he lost the no. 1 spot in the best way possible. Till now, Nadal has been by far the best player never to have been no 1. And it's not like Federer succumbed tamely in the Wimbledon final.

There was something else. Shit. What sport related story would I have meant to blog?

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