Monday, August 11, 2008

stupid reporters

The Dark Knight is doing pretty well financially. In America it has zoomed into third place on the all time list. Of course that doesn't really tell us much beyond the fact that it's doing very well, as this article tries to explain.

Ticket prices are higher you see so it doesn't really count. High ticket prices are an unfair advantage in the quest to make money. Batman would need to make $900 million before it sold more tickets than Titanic and $1.2 billion to pass Star Wars. Gone With the Wind is the all time tickets champ though it isn't mentioned for some reason.

Great. What this is groping towards is that inflation overstates the earnings of new movies relative to old ones. But what we need to do is to compare revenue earned in today's money, not tickets sold.

But if we're going down this path what stop there? The competition, even for Titanic, was completely different. Computer games were no where near as big a deal, TV is way better and movies make a huge chunk of their cash on DVD sales which are not included. Oh and millions of people simply download movies illegally.

Of course, nobody should care about this. But if someone is getting paid for writing this crap, it should obviously be me.

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