Monday, September 01, 2008

Is Obama as delicious as a donught?

When many libertarian pundits see Barack Obama jaws slacken, heads tilt back, tongues flop to one side and eyes glaze over like donughts, "Mmmm... Obaaaammma" is what they gurgle.

Part of me understands this. I like him for the same reason many people don't; he's an intellectual type. Some of his speeches are thoughtful in a novel way and I like the fact that he's genuinely liberal in some ways.

There are plenty of reasons for libertarians not to like him though and I doubt he'd be such a super duper president, so why are so many so smitten? They normally hate all politicians and they love divided government (different parties in power in different branches).

If the republicans controlled congress I'd probably go for Obama, but they don't, so I'm sticking with McCain for now.

Speaking of McCain, I'm pretty excited by his VP pick. Sarah Palin seems cool (even though it looks like I have a lot to disagree with her about). It's also fun to watch democrats freak out over how inexperienced she is. I know little about politics but I buy the argument that McCain wants democrats to make a big deal over this. I wonder if their conviction that Obama is the second coming really has made them lose all self-awareness or if I'm just missing something.

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Stacy said...

I understand what you're saying about Obama...but only a little. I think you're being too easy on him though. His likeability factor (to me anyway) shouldn't have anything to do with him being an intellectual. Because he's running for the highest of offices I think the most important thing should be his ability to actually articulate (honestly) what he intends to do...but to try to start being specific! So far all I hear from him is that he's going to bring "change" to America and other loads of crap. While he has stated clearly his intentions on a select few issues, he's clearly not as articulate and honest in this as McCain is and for this even if the republicans controlled congress I would STILL vote for McCain. I get that it's best to even out the sharing of power, but handing over the reigns to Obama under any circumstance to me seems naive. He's not ready and he's not strong enough. He seems easily persuaded by others in power which is def. not a good quality in the American president. He is charismatic, an intellectual and very convincing, but I wish the American public could see through his lame speeches about how he is basically the second coming of Christ.Ok, enough rambling. I'll just end by saying the following about Obama........"I DON'T BUY IT."