Tuesday, September 30, 2008

the perfect is the enemy of the AWESOME

Apparently the i-phone doesn't have a 56 megapixel camera so we should just wait till it does.

Anyone wanna tell Greg what an idiot he is for even hesitating?

Added: 5 comments might suggest a number of idiot denunciations, but in if you didn't want to click through, this is sadly not the case. Thanks a lot guys.


Greg Torr said...

And the fact that it costs 56 million rand is not relevant?

stuart said...


Greg Torr said...

You have committed a cardinal sin - practising economics without price.

Greg Torr said...

Are you ashamed?

mutt said...

Considering the infinite coolness of the i-phone, the price would need to be infinite to be able to justify not buying one.

(note that infinitely cool isn't the same thing as perfect)