Sunday, September 21, 2008

rabid partisanship

Anti-Obama of course. Well, I don't think so but I'm sure it could read like that. I read quite a lot about the election and I have two things to add.

  • The Palin choice has brought "experience" back into focus. Obama defenders are claiming that his experience in campaigning is excellent experience for president. Unfortunately I think there's something to this, but I really think it's a depressing thing to get all excited over. His qualification for power is that he's tried really really hard to get into power? And he's good at that?! Yay!
  • Even conservatives have been having a go at McCain for, "putting his own campaign ahead of the good of the country". It's reckless, damaging evil etc. I thought that Palin could doom McCain, but I wasn't judging him for the choice. You know why? Cos they have this wonderful mechanism for preventing him from hijacking the interests of the nation before he becomes president, it's called "an election". Is he somehow tricking the electorate? Nobody knows that Palin's inexperienced? I'm bombarded with people telling me "what Americans want", but they seem to like Palin. If Americans want her, shouldn't McCain be praised.

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