Monday, September 29, 2008

rumors of bloggy's death have been greatly exaggerated

Apologies to those who do check, events have conspired to keep me from blogging.

Though Bloggy does seem to have forgotten what blogging is supposed to be about. He's got all these posts half written or swirling about in his head and he doesn't post them. Why? Because they're serious, deep posts that'll show everyone, everyone! That's actually quite tricky to blog though and it's not like I'm writing up papers to send off to prestigious journals, sooo... nothing.

So, e-readers it is then! A typical reaction to e-readers is that they suck, they could never replace books, they don't have the look, or feel, or smell, or taste of real, pure, books! We love books more than anything! The e-reading advocate is left dazed and blinking rapidly. Do we hate books? Do we want to roll in the ashes of all the books ever published? What just happened?

Sometimes, neither person actually knows what e-readers are like. The thing that gets me is how quickly some people have framed their emergence as, "is this the end of the book?" and then proceed to talk books up as though e-readers urgently need to be defeated. If people still like books they won't vanish!

But we just know what we like now, I think it's pretty sad to translate that into "knowledge" of things we don't know yet. Nobody liked books before they existed but we do now . There are zillions of cool things that could be invented they we don't have a taste for yet, but if we fetishise books, or violins, or test cricket, we'll stifle their development. The same process that made books in the first place.

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