Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What hope do we have if we can't even bloody queue?*

I seem to be getting crankier. I hoot at people, I freaked out and one of Henry's neighbours and I recently had a very spirited conversation with a nice man in a queue.

He started the discussion by asking if I was in the queue after cutting in front of me. We differed over how close I should have been standing to the guy in front, because some people are in a rush you see, how could I be so inconsiderate. The conversation quickly became very one sided and monotonous as I repeatedly asked him how standing closer speeded things up (I had to repeat the question since he didn't answer).

If people from different cultures can be enraged by 30 cm queueing differentials I guess I should be less surprised over Motoon riots. And less optimistic about the prospects for world peace.

*If this headline doesn't seem to match my general cheery outlook, it could just as easily read, "Considering that people don't know how to join a queue, why are things so good?"

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Stacy said...

I think there you have an example of someone who just doesn't get it. By "it" I mean anything. It's amazing he arrived to the line (can't retain some of my Americanism while I'm here?) in one piece. This is where life becomes unnecessarily difficult...If you stand too close to the guy in front of you you're a wierdo and he'll be mad at you. If you stand too far behing (one person length apparently) then the wierdo behind you thinks you're just standing around in a coffee shop staring at the counter but you don't actually want anything. Either way, someone's a wierdo.