Monday, October 13, 2008

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize

Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize. I'm glad he won it because his book The Accidental Theorist probably had a bigger impact on how I think than anything else I've read.

Robin Hanson and Tyler Cowen sometimes talk about "viewquakes" and I'd say I've had two in my life, one while reading Krugman's book and the other from reading some of Nick Bostrom's papers.

These days he's one of those writers I can't stand to read and that makes me a little sad, I listened to a bloggingheads he did a while ago and it's painful. I can just picture the glee with which those on the left will receive the news. . Of course this is the flip side to why I'm glad. I'm happy that I can cite a Nobel laureate in defence of my own views but he's so partisan now, most people know the new Krugman. I'm sure that many people would be horrified some of the columns he wrote in the mid 90's. He used to get lots of hate mail from the same type of person that loves him now .

I don't expect this to carry any weight with anyone, but he won the prize for work he did a long time ago, closer to when he wrote the stuff that influenced me and that's my answer to anyone who says, "but Paul Krugman wants to increase the minimum wage." he didn't always, though of course his old article isn't the only reason I'm against it.

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