Thursday, October 02, 2008

what if big brother arrived and nobody noticed?

A recent post of Trevor's made me wonder. Privacy's a thing of the past? Cripes. Being a good little Pollyanna I'm more relaxed, especially about diaries. As for people taking stuff out of context, that's actually a battle I'm quite eager to engage in. People should grow up, and if more people were more honest more often then the Outrage Olympics would get pretty old before too long.

I probably have more to worry about than many people because I'm a teacher easily Googled, what poison am I feeding impressionable young minds?!

As a demonstration of my recklessness I have no problem at all accusing most countries of not being mature democracies, even countries that have been holding elections for a while now. Thing about South Africa though, is that we've only been democratic for fourteen years, which is is more than enough to disqualify us, but there are other things too.

Just because there wasn't much violence doesn't mean it wasn't implicit. I don't question Judge Nicholson's ruling, which would seem to be tick in favor of the rule of law, but the things that Zuma and co have been saying doesn't suggest much enthusiasm for dispassionate justice.

I think saying that people don't care about the "issues" when crime and poverty are prominent gets it almost exactly backwards. Crime and poverty are the issues. The first duty of government is to provide security (justice and defence), which in turn is just about the best thing for economic growth.

Good government isn't some luxury for people like me to discuss over lattes, it's what we should be better at demanding now.

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