Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm relieved

It'll be over soon. At the start of the year I was terrified that we'd be seeing a Clinton Romney "showdown". I liked both Obama and McCain better, but I've been depressed by both McCain's campaign and the media coverage of it (especially through bloggers I like). McCain was basically sabotaged by his own party but my impression is that this is not how things will be remembered.

One thing that's actually pretty cool though is that immigration has barely been an issue in the election which is the issue I care most about. Naturally I actually want it to be an issue, but not in the way it'd actually play out so best just to forget about it.

Anyway, I no longer officially prefer McCain, but I'm not really endorsing Obama either. I like Obama, he's charismatic, smart and seems levelheaded. I just have an instinctive reaction against the mindless euphoria surrounding his candidacy and worry about how this will mix with the Democrat's being in power. It's easy to find cults of personality creepy if you don't like the personality, but if we like the guy, well then it couldn't be a cult of personality could it? We're reasonable smart people, unlike those crackpots who got all excited about that other guy. Worse though is that Obama seems to be quite keen on this himself.

On balance I'm reasonably optimistic and I really hope he turns out well, but I'll think I'll give the delirious celebrations a miss.

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Greg Torr said...

How was McCain sabotaged by his party? (real question - I haven't been following)

Aren't you scared of Obamanomics? I don't really understand how all these respected economists can work for him.

I see the Economist endorsed him. Haven't read the article yet. Interested to see what it says about the economics.

I agree (just) that it's probably a good thing that he's going to win.