Sunday, January 11, 2009

best match ever

Since Federer's career is pretty much over I feel like looking to the past (though this post is sad too).

It's easy to understand why people are so excited about last year's Wimbledon final but a big reason is that it was the Wimbledon final rather than the quality of the play. This isn't arbitrary or new, this is what people care about. But if we're searching for quality I think a specific question (which excludes almost every match ever played) gives points in a direction that nobody looks (seriously, I read a lot on this topic).
Which match saw Federer and Nadal playing closest to their best?
They've played 18 times and you can see the results here. The answer is clear to me. 2006 was Federer's best year and Nadal was in the middle of his record breaking clay court streak and they played a five hour long match on clay. I remember the match painfully well so I could ramble on for ages about how awesome it was but I think the facts outlined above provide a strong hint that this is the perfect storm of tennis .

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Trevor Black said...

Come on mutt... now we get to see what fight is left in the old dog now that it will try his spirit more than his skills.

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