Thursday, January 22, 2009

I loved this post

Whenever people sigh over how the Internet has stopped us from pulling musty old volumes from library shelves I think of this blog. Grant McCracken is a well known anthropologist. I never did read many books I randomly pulled from library shelves but I doubt I would have pulled down many books on anthropology.

Anyway, I loved this post about how TV is changing. It's not just getting more demanding and complex but also more serious; less pop culture and more culture.

Ever since I saw the Lion King I've hated the use of a horrific disaster as a prop for some other characters personal development and to make the happy ending feel sweeter. Once Mufassa is murdered there can be no properly happy ending, there's only damage control. This is also why I have a thing against religions that have a direction to history; if it's worth humanity growing and becoming one or whatever, why will only those future humans be around to enjoy it? And if we're not being short changed in any way, what's the point of advancing to that better state?

I think it's great that several TV series look you right in the eye and say, "Sometimes things just aren't going to be okay". I'll bet that a lot of people think that shows like The Wire have a negative impact on our moral character. I find the idea of preferring Murder She Wrote's overarching moral philosophy to The Wire's pretty disturbing.

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