Monday, January 12, 2009


Slumdog Millionaire doesn't come out here for a while, but since it did so well at the Golden Globes I feel the urge to make my prediction now. I'm pretty sure I'll hate it. It'll be sappy, uplifting and inspiring in a thoroughly American way but will get rave reviews because it's not American. I'll probably see it to test my prediction, but my negativity will be dismissed because I didn't give it a chance. Life is so unjust sometimes.

Prove me wrong Slumdog!

Wall-E won best animated picture! Whoop dee doo! I bet this makes it all worth while for them. More animated films are getting made these days I guess, but I don't get the point of an award for something that seldom has more than one real contender. Also, films like Wall-E, Ratatoullie and the Incredibles are excellent films! Nominate them for some real awards!


Trevor Black said...

Have you watched 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'? If that is a new generation of American Film, I am prepared to stop giving you grief. The only reason I do is that like half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of tea, movies like Zoolander and scenes in The Heartbreak Kid spoil 'American movies' for me.

Clearly that isn't rational, but hey...

stuart said...

I haven't seen it.

I know you're not claiming your position is rational, but still, I feel I need to emphasise how weird I think it is.

It seems to me that you give individual movies to much weight. I don't care about films like heartbreak kid, and while I do like watching good films, 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist' could be the best film ever and it would only alter my view of american film a teensy bit.

(and I liked zoolander)

Stacy said...

So since we both feel the same about this movie are we gonna go watch it next week? We can wait till Wed. so if it's really horrible we won't feel like we wasted so much of our hard earned money..