Friday, January 30, 2009

Response to Trevor on heroes

I don't really think we disagree much, it's more a matter of emphasis.
But, I do think that sometimes, people do need a beacon. They need someone to be a symbol
We’ve talked about this type of stuff before. It may seem like there’s tension in my position but I don’t think there is. I think leaders are very important to society, including politicians. But what exactly should leaders be doing? Companies and governments need good leaders. But government is not not the same thing as society. Managing a company is not the same thing as managing an economy. I’m not so sure about all these beacons and symbols, but I’d prefer them to be people like Roger Federer and Desmond Tutu. I don’t think politicians should see one of their duties to help me develop moral fiber.
we need something to believe in
I find this pretty depressing, though I’m not really sure I understand what Trevor means (I have watched the Dark Knight). Why? Do we need something to replace our belief in god?
Mandela gave South Africa an aura to gather around
Mandela is a wonderful example of important leadership. A big accomplishment was in an area where leaders should be. He helped prevent a descent into violence.

In most societies most of the time organizations are part of the government one way or another. If everything is political, then political leaders are more important, there’s nowhere else to look if you want a better life. Countries like America are not like that and politicians should be less of a focal point for people.
A black man with a second name like Hussein... is now the president of the USA. The world is changing
I agree. But here the Obama’s election says something about the world more than Obama. Obama doesn’t need to be deified because it seemed so unlikely. It also doesn’t mean Obama has to do anything in particular. He already radiates the symbol.

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