Saturday, February 28, 2009


This is happening a lot recently, but sorry if you've been checking in here only to find nothing new.

Since the bad news about Dief I find it weird to post something normal right away. There have been a few similar bad news stories over the past few months. Same effect on blogging.

Anyway, I'm planning to post once daily for at least a month (even if it's just a link or something). I'll see how it goes, I still want to blog so I'm frustrated about the way I've been recently.

If you have any requests to inspire me, stick them in the comments.


Trevor Black said...

I would be interested in hearing more commentary on the books you are reading and thoughts about them.

If you could also talk about your 'Yay internet' disapproval, and how you think you should balance excessive optimism with excessive pessimism?

I enjoy your commentary on some of the ideas on Overcoming Bias. Their posts are sometimes quite dense. Shorter sharper discussion of the themes they bring up would be good.

Anonymous said...

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