Monday, February 16, 2009

hmm. who's trying to influence the kid here?

The Guardian has column where a doctor answers reader questions on health stuff. I find this really annoying

Question: My six-year-old son has declared he wants to be vegetarian - he seems to be perfectly healthy, but should I encourage him to eat meat, or give him vitamin supplements to make up for the meat-free diet?

Answer: I'm worried about this question - not about your child's health, because being vegetarian (as long as his diet is varied) should not compromise it. He shouldn't need vitamin supplements, provided he's in robust health. No, what worries me is who has influenced him? Is it someone at school, or friends, or something online, or a TV show? You, not an outsider, should be the main influence on his lifestyle. If you try to encourage him to eat meat, don't make it a battle, but a matter of friendly chat. You may find that his ideas are mistaken, and that you can correct them.
I'm not sure if anything need to be said about this but what the hell. The reader wasn't asking for parenting advice so the doctor shouldn't bloody give it. Oooh he's worried! His existence must be an anxious one. 6 year old wants to learn to skateboard? Who's influencing him!? Wants to watch Finding Nemo? Horrors!

Vegetarian ideas are assumed to be mistaken and that it's positively desirable to persuade the kid to eat meat.

I know it's been discussed here, but I really don't get why people react like this to vegetarianism...

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TLT said...

Very strange, people are constantly trying to influence children. Teachers, religious preachers, TV advertisers... Does he worry about that?