Saturday, March 14, 2009

I didn't get to see how it ended...

but I assume not well for the culprit. I was driving south along the M5 this morning watching those driving north getting pulled over. They all deserved it of course, all those people and cars with expired licences etc. Never mind that that they all had to be delayed by what looked like a really long time, people's time is not important.

Anyway, several drivers hit on the same clever solution, drive over the grassy island to the southbound lane and find another route. Unfortunately there were a few cops dotted along the island, possibly for this very eventuality. One guy seemed not to notice, and started his U-turn almost on top of one of the cops. The cop got out of his car and started to wave him down, but the offender apparently would never dream of doing something as illegal as a U-turn, so he turned back and carried on driving north, on the south bound highway (on the should of the road but with a wheel in the fast lane)! The cop seemed a little surprised by this, tragically I didn't see how it all ended.

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TLT said...

haha, this sounds farcical. The cops are definitely causing more trouble than it's worth.