Sunday, March 15, 2009

immigration depression

I downloaded this Bloggingheads diavlog on immigration a while ago but couldn't get through it because it was so crap. After about 20 minutes I'd say the anti-immigration guy is doing better (naturally that's why I couldn't listen all the way through). The pro-immigration person adopts that aggressive, hectoring style that people so often complain about in vegetarians.

I don't know how it sounds for me to say this, but I'm skeptical that an aggressive woman with a thick Indian accent is the best person to make the case for immigration to hostile Americans.

Aside from speculating that debates like this are one reason why immigration laws aren't better, I wanted to blog one of the things the anti-immigration says in his opening statement (and I'm paraphrasing here).
Sure we're a nation of immigrants and we wouldn't be such a great country without the huge influx of immigrants during the 19th century, but America has matured to the point where we don't need them anymore.
Nice. Assigning zero moral weight to people born outside your country is maturity.

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