Thursday, March 19, 2009

visitor map

Check out the last gadget on the right of my blog (scroll down). That's pretty cool right?

I took the other sitemeters down because I didn't know how to interpret them, but with this one it is at least plausible that each red dot represents a sentient reader given that there are only about 20 of them and I can "see" Tracy, Trevor and myself (and probably Greg). Obviously most of them are just passing through etc. But I still think its cool. Hello Latvia and Trinidad and Tobago!

I'd say that the number of subscribers in google reader is also a good measure. I notice Trevor has zoomed past me.


Trevor Black said...

How do you see number of subscribers in google reader?

mutt said...

type "trevor black" into the "add subscriptions" box

TLT said...

This is pretty cool!

Trevor Black said...

the typing "Trevor Black" didn't seem to work, but in google reader if you click on details, it does show posts per week for the last 30 days and number of subscribers.

You have posted 5.1 times a week with 5 subscribers. I have posted 3.5 times a week and have 2 subscribers (probably yourself and myself).

So I am not sure what you mean by me zooming past you.

The closest thing I have come to trusting is Feedburner.

It felt right when mine said 8, it is now up to between 14 and a high of 17.

I think there have been about that many that I know of who have read it once or twice, I don't think that is right for regular readers? Maybe it is. I don't know what or how it measures what it measures.

Anyway, I know of a few people who enjoy reading both yours and mine, and I enjoy writing it... so I guess that is what counts.

Doubt either of us are going to monetize our blogs and retire any time soon!

But it keeps me thinking... and that's enough for me.

Tracy said...

Yip, here I am. Also, I promised Kalpana I'd hound you on your blog to give her office keys back, so consider this hound #1.


THAT Tracy said...

oops, you probably meant the other Tracy. There're hundred of us. Literally. Probably about a dozen reading your blog RIGHT NOW.

mutt said...

I see 7 subscribers for you. I don't subscribe to my own blog though