Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random thought

I hate to brag, but I'm sometimes impressed by how random and pointless these thoughts can be. Which is no doubt one of my vain attempts at signalling.

Anyway, I have thought in the past that it's crazy that American supreme court judges are appointed for life. These people sometimes go on till crazy old age after having been living in extremely unusual circumstances for decades. These people are exceptional of course, but it still seems crazy to me.

What struck me today though on hearing the news of the new appointment is that not having term limits gives them quite a lot of control over the future composition of the supreme court. Call me cynical, but I doubt that this guy retiring a couple of months after Obama's inauguration is a coincidence. And guess what, Obama appoints a liberal judge, because he's a liberal.

She could be there for 40 years, guiding us through the singularity.

(note, this is nothing against her. I'm sure she's a fine person.)

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