Monday, May 18, 2009

Yay Federer!

I intended to write a short post before I read any of the reports moaning about all the people wanting to put an asterisk next to this result. Turns out I was wrong, everyone has been pretty gracious. Pointing out that Nadal was tired and below par is fine, pretending that this isn't something that just happens, especially when you're on sucha great streak, is not.

The other time Federer beat Nadal on clay people saw it as sign that Federer could win the French, nobody really thinks that now, and that's also right.

Federer's record against Nadal on clay is now 2-9, which is bad, but only he and Gaston Gaudio (the last time Gaudio won was just as Nadal got good and Gaudio is a past French Open winner) have beaten Nadal more than once on clay. Federer accounts for 40% of all Nadal's defeats on clay since he got good at 17 and he's the only person to beat Nadal in a final on clay, which he's done twice. He also had two match points in a five set clay court match.

Point being that Federer is pretty good on clay.

And Nadal is very good on clay.

Added: The Telegraph wants an asterisk. That's it, I'm cancelling my subscription.

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