Tuesday, June 02, 2009

If you are weird or live under a rock

and only get tennis results from this blog, then Federer ended up winning yesterday. Yay!

This doesn't necessarily bode well for the future though as he'll likely play Del Potro if he beats Monfis and then Murray in the final. He should beat each of them, but they're some the streakiest players around, between them one of them is likely to have a great day and they could blow Federer away. Players like David Ferrer would be better.

Also, I'd like to express, in advance, my irritation at people demanding an asterisk against Federer if he wins because he didn't beat Nadal.


wolverine_nun said...

only get tennis results from this blog
Pretty much, yes. Well, yay!

I watched a couple of sets recently, while keeping my daughter company in hospital. It was more tennis than I've watched in about 10 years.

That other Tracy

stuart said...

Hi. I don't mean to suggest that YOU are weird or live under a rock. When I say "get" I meant come to this site with the intention of getting tennis scores, and I doubt you do.

Anyway, glad to see you still drop by occasionally.