Monday, June 08, 2009

Yay Federer!


And no trauma! Well he did miss two ridiculously Federerish forehands, one which shoulda given him match point but gave Soderling break point instead. But Soderling didn't break.

Federer was very assured and in control, in the way that makes him (increasingly rarely) a pleasure to watch.

I feel guilty for moaning about people wanting to put an asterisk next to this win. Everything I've read has been satisfactorily worshipful. The consensus about the GOAT is basically in now; even people who like Laver are basically saying that it's useless to debate rather than simply sticking with Laver.

More than the pleasing worshipfulness though is just how unaffectedly happy so many people are that he won. I'm not talking about comments from Borg or Sampras or anything. More from Nadal fans and people who don't really care about tennis. But mostly it's just a sense I get. That feeling is increased by how well he played.

After all the fuss made about the career Grand Slam part of the deal though, it's pretty alarming that Nadal could do it in about 3 months...

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