Monday, July 27, 2009

Unintentionally hilarious paragraph on Federer

The Onion has some great posts on Federer, but generally he's not the source of a lot of laughs, except perhaps when he says something silly in an interview or post match speech. I don't think his crying is funny but maybe some people disagree.

Anyway, I came across this on his Wikipedia page.

Like all Swiss males, Federer is subject to compulsory military service in the Swiss Armed Forces. Unfortunately, long-standing back trouble led him to be declared inapt in 2003 and he was unable to fulfill his obligations[22]. Nevertheless, he did not let it affect his tennis and bounced back to win Wimbledon that year.

It had never occurred to me that his tennis career could have been disrupted because of military service. I love the "unfortunately". It's pretty impressive that despite being physically handicapped he was able to be one of the world's greatest athletes. Imagine how good he could have been if he was healthy!


TLT said...

Can it be true?

mutt said...

Sorry I took forever to respond.

I VERY much doubt that the reason he got off military service because of a bad back.

Federer is Switzerland's most famous, sucessful person in like forever. They like having him being a tennis star.

And I think they worry they'd look stupid if they enforced the rule. but of course they don't want to be seen to give famous people special treatment.

I personally think they look stupid and now dishonest too by trying to get away with this.

but it's not a big deal. I'll bet many many young men get away with similarly arbitrary excuses.