Wednesday, August 19, 2009

another puzzel

About 2 weeks ago a car was abandoned in the emergency lane of the road on my route to work. It was an oldish Jetta in good condition. There were no hazard lights or anything to alert people to its presence and it was on a curving rise, which, given that there are many trucks trying to let people through on curving rises, is very dangerous, especially in the dark with no street lights. And it stayed there for four days! That seemed like a long time for a nice car to be abandoned in an odd spot. It eventually disappeared, which is as likely a result of towing as its owner claiming it.

Odd, but not too remarkable, except that now another, even nicer car has been abandoned in exactly the same place! Last night its hazards were on, but this morning the battery had obviously run down. So there it sits. There is no obvious destination within easy walking distance.

Any obvious explanations I'm missing?


Sid said...

It's a stolen car. Duh. Once the perpetrators had finished with it, they decided to abandon it in the hopes that someone would return it to the owner.

mutt said...
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mutt said...

But why return the next stolen car to the same spot? It's a really random spot.