Monday, August 17, 2009


The Telegraph has a short piece about how Usain Bolt is challenging Muhammad Ali for the title of greatest ever sportsman. Well fair enough, though not my choices. But he also quickly considers other contenders
Yes, Tiger Woods is a wonderful golfer, Rafael Nadal majestic on court, Ronaldo exquisite on the ball.

But none of them are doing what Bolt continues to do - and make what we can all do, to a greater or lesser extent, look so easy, yet so fast.
Nadal? Seriously?


Sid said...

I was listening to the radio and couldn't help but wonder if this is all TALENT and hardwork OR if he's taking some chemicals to enhance his performance.

mutt said...

I agree. It's thrilling to watch Bolt, but given the huge problems sprinting has had with doping and the HUGE improvement he's made on times run on drugs, I'm kinda surprised people aren't more suspicious.

Inoccent till proven guilty of course. But still, it does seem almost too good to be true.